Showcase your name with Japanese flowers!


Traditional Japanese culture in your hands

Hanko has been used for over 2000 years in Japan. Almost every Japanese people have at least one or two hankos.

Hanko is your personal signature in Japan

It is fast becoming a favorite souvenir. With the added bonus that there are many opportunities to use it in your daily life such as at banks, post offices, Amazon receipt.

Portable interior decorations

It's small and convenient enough to carry around. You can take it out of your bag, and place it anywhere, such as your desk. Your desk decoration can be that simple.

The ideal Kanji name for you

You can personalize it with your name. We will help you to discover the perfect Kanji combination, designed just for you. Please provide us with details of your name.

Include a touch of Japan in Your Home

Hanko, a traditional Japanese handicraft, used with materials such as Washi, traditional Japanese paper, or urushi, natural Japanese Lacquer that is bound to brighten up your room.


Choose the hanko and fill in your name and email address. We make your kanji design within 1 or 2 days.


1. Fill in the form

2. Check your kanji name

3. Order your hanko

Check your kanji design in the email by us. You can re-request to change until you like it. * Your order is NOT completed yet.

When you like the kanji design, enter the URL in the email and complete your order.

This kanji name means

"smart person"



This kanji name means

"respect and dignity"


This kanji name means

"great talent"

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