Come to Matsuyama, Ehime pref.! A panorama from the castle is my favorite and worth seeing! [Guest article]


Hi, I’m Kenneth! This is an introduction of my hometown, Matsuyama city which is the prefectural capital of Ehime. I have lived here for two years as a college student. Let me show you three attractions of Matsuyama!

  1. Matsuyama Castle

First of all, I must say I think the Matsuyama Castle is the No.1 castle in Japan. Located on top of a mountain, and the panorama view from the castle garden is fantastic! You have three ways to get to the castle; walking, a ropeway or a lift. It is around 30-minutes at a casual walking speed, so it is the ideal way to get here when you want to enjoy chatting with your trip partner. You would choose a ropeway or lift when you want to enjoy seeing the gradually changing scenery of the castle and the mountain.

  1. Botchan train

Have you seen an old-style train like this one before? It is still running in Matsuyama today, and you can explore the central Matsuyama area. I always recommend taking this train once when my friends visit Matsuyama. In fact, it will be not such a comfortable ride (it is a secret!), but it must be a good piece of memory of your Matsuyama trip.

  1. Dogo onsen

It is said that this is the oldest onsen in Japan. The building has gone through some renovations over the years, but the original structure remains the same. If you are an onsen lover, this simple, but historical onsen is the must-visit spot. It is also fun to have a stroll and try Matsuyama foods at a shopping street nearby.

By the way, it is important to take care in the onsen because the water is warmer than usual onsen and spa, and it could make you feel a little sick. I don’t recommend staying in the water for a longer than a few minute.

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