Get a Japanese wooden bento box. Dramatically change your fall leaves experience this year.


Have you decided where to go to see fall leaves? In Japan, we enjoy fall leaves not only in temples and shrines, but also public spaces like a park. Then, what do we need for maximizing the fall outdoor experience?

Yes, it is a bento lunch!

Today, we introduce a high-quality wooden bento box, made in Japan.
* We show a YouTube clip of easy bento recipes at the bottom of the page.

A bento box changes the quality of bento time

“Hacoa”, a popular wooden products company offers this service in two different sized wooden lunch boxes.

Both sizes have the exact same concept which says “A bento box that makes your lunch time happier”. They are made by veteran Japanese professionals who whittle and burnish high-grade woods.

The reason why we are recommending this wooden lunch box, is because it has the power to make your bento time much better. It is not only “your bento LOOKS much better thanks to the gentle wooden look”, but also “your bento really GETs better thanks to the wood”. It is because natural materials adjust the humidity inside the bento box, that’s why your lunch keeps its original taste and even tastes better.

Also the exterior is well-designed. It is slim and portable, but both anti-grime and anti-water. The band fixes the box cover stably because the professionals add specific techniques in the whittling process. This really is elaborate work, wouldn’t you agree?

Please do note that you cannot use a microwave, dish washer and dish drier because of the natural materials.

Make your bento box more special

We hope you understand the bento box is worth buying, although it is a little more expensive than other reasonably priced plastic boxes.
By the way, we recommend you that you add your name into the bento box when you get Hacoa’s lunch box. This shopping purchase would be specifically special for you, so it’d be nice to make your lunch box completely unique. And, did you know, they have chopstick cases for when you might need them!

Want to know bento recipes?

There are lots of bento recipes on YouTube. The video clip shown below is one of the good examples you can easily follow.

Turn your name to other Japanese items

You can have you name on many thing, not just bento box, but also many kinds of kanji name goods you might have. The best recommendation is a hanko. This service finds the perfect kanji combination for your name and make your unique hanko.

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