Potage, parfait and cute… miso soup! 3 uniquely arranged miso soup online services for yourself and gifts

MISO POTA has over 20 variations.

Do you like miso soup? It is popular due to its taste and healthiness in Japan. If your answer for the first question is “yes”, however you shouldn’t be content with usual miso soups. Check out 3 miso soup online services here. Find and share your favorite!

Daigen Miso (大源味噌)

The interesting feature of this miso shop is that it has a “MISO café” in Osaka. It is natural that the cafe serves a good miso soup plate lunch, but their menus are not only that. They also have miso pound cake, miso parfait, and miso ice cream!! You’ll remember the salty taste when you hear miso, but find that miso matches sweet flavors well too.

If you are a miso soup lover as a resident in Japan, a relationship with a miso professional is very important. Visit the café and get fresh information about miso.

Even if Osaka is not your hometown, you’ll have their miso and have a contact with them via the online shop.


Who believes that these cups filled with liquids are miso soups?! These are their unique products, “MISO POTA”. The name is derived from miso potage. MISO POTA is a potage-esque miso soup which matches not only Japanese dishes, but also European dishes too.

You’ll have their 20 flavors of MISO POTAs at their shop in Kyoto and via the online shop. When you use the online shop, the tasting set would be the best choice for you.

The CEO hopes Japan’s miso soup culture will proceed to the next generation. Try the good and new style of miso soup which is made with her passion.

Misogen (味噌元)

This is famous for its smile in a miso soup! It is an instant soup cooked with hot water. You’ll get it at the shops like department stores and the online shop. This cheerful look is suitable for your breakfast when you need to hustle, isn’t it? Another recommendation is to buy it as a gift for your friends because it is both heartwarming and practical.

By the way, the different faces express each miso flavor and ingredient. Don’t know so much about miso? Acquire brief knowledge about miso below!

Basic info. of miso (味噌)

As a miso beginner, just remember that there are 3 types of miso in Japan from its colors; the white one, red one and the mixed. The white miso (白味噌) is relatively mild and sweet and the red miso (赤味噌) is relatively salty and strong. The main ingredients are rice, wheat, and bean.

Popular ingredients in miso soup

Sea weed若布わかめワカメWakame
Green onionねぎネギNegi
Fried tofu油揚げあぶらあげアブラアゲAburaage
Japanese radish大根だいこんダイコンDaikon
Nameko mushroomなめこナメコNameko

Miso soups are fun to eat because it can have thousands of variety depends on miso and ingredient. What types of miso soup do you like the best?

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