Shorenin, a Perfect Japanese Garden with Perfect Location

The relaxing inside space.

Do you like Japanese gardens? Toady’s spot, Shorenin, is one of the popular Japanese gardens in Kyoto. Check this page and add the Shorenin to your travel plan!

* If you are a panorama lover, check out Seiryuden.

Shorenin’s perfect Japanese atmosphere

Shorenin temple is proud of its Japanese garden. From inside and outside, people enjoy different sceneries of the same garden.
On the inside, you’ll enjoy not only the scenery but also the tatami space there. Shorenin has a huge site and about half is covered by Japanese buildings. There are tatami spaces, paintings, and shoji screens. Visitors love the perfectly Japanese atmosphere.

Special illumination in spring and fall

If you want the unordinary garden experience, visiting the illumination in spring or fall is the best choice for you. The collaboration of pink cherry blossoms or fall leaves and a special lighting are the must-see event in Kyoto.

By the way, Koshin, a priest of Shorenin temple likes the beginning of summer season like May. Which season do you want to visit the best?

One of the attractions of Shorenin is the good access. Located in the central Kyoto city, near Heian Shrine and Yasaka Shrine, it is less than 10-minute walk from Subway Higashiyama station.

Classic Japanese pottery shop nearby

There is Imai Seifu-dou, a classic Japanese pottery shop near Syorenin. You’ll find anything you like from dolls to pots and swords (!!). There’re so many items displayed that even the owner doesn’t know the exact number of items at the shop. How about enjoying the small, but deep Japanese pottery world here?

What do you think about Shorenin’s relaxing atmosphere?
If you are a panorama lover, Seiryuden should be your destination.

Basic info.

Address: 京都市東山区粟田口三条坊町
Open: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Entrance fee: 500yen / adult
Official HP:

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