The Best Place to Visit before Starting Your Kyoto Sightseeing

The daytime panorama from the observation deck.

We understand you cannot wait to rush to Kyoto’s sightseeing spot, but what do you think about the idea, which says “check out the whole Kyoto city first and enjoy the panorama!”

Today’s spot Seiryuden is the very best place to make your Kyoto trip much better.

A breathtaking view after 50 minutes of hiking

Seiryuden has one of the best Kyoto panoramas. From the observation deck, you’ll see the whole of Kyoto city. Despite the fantastic view, you need just about 50 minutes of casual hiking from Syorenin temple to get there.

If you don’t like walking, get on the buses which run every weekend and every day in November. Alternatively, you could get a taxi. Check the bus stops on the map at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, it is a good idea to see the whole of Kyoto city before starting your Kyoto sightseeing, isn’t it?

Other attractions of Seiryuden

Seiryuden is proud of not only the Kyoto panorama, but also the “Aofudo” picture, the national treasure and an old mound called “Shogun-zuka” built by an emperor around 1200 years ago.

It is said that the “Aofudo”, one of the best Buddhism pictures, was painted in the 11th century. You’ll be overwhelmed by the 203cm height and 149cm width of the picture.

“Shogun-zuka” is regarded as a trigger of the ancient capital of Kyoto. It is said that Emperor Kanmu decided to move the capital from Nara to Kyoto at the mound’s place in 794.

Illumination in spring and fall

Seiryuden holds an illumination event in spring and fall from the sunset time. You simply cannot miss the utmost combination of Kyoto’s night view and cherry blossoms or fall leaves!

What do you think about Seiryuden’s dynamic panorama?
If you are a Japanese garden lover, Shorenin should be your destination.

Basic info.

Address: 京都府京都市山科区厨子奥花鳥町28
Open: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Entrance fee:500yen/ adult
Official HP:

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