September Holidays Idea for All the Outdoor People in Kansai

Forest adventure

Have you planned this year’s September holidays? Monday the 17th and 24th are the national holidays this year, so it would be the best timing to take a short trip. This page introduces Sasayama, Toyooka and Kinosaki city for outdoor activity lovers. If you are more of a gourmet food kind of person, check another page!

Sasayama and Toyooka- From Saturday to Sunday

In this trip plan, you’ll go to Sasayama with JR Fukuchiyama line, from Osaka station. It takes about one hour to Sasayamaguchi (篠山口) station, the mountainous area. After 30-minute taxi drive, you’ll arrive at Forest Adventure. This park is built in a forest as the name suggests, and offers various kinds of outdoor activities whose equipment is based on nature. Enjoy the nature and release your city-life stress!

When you get tired of physical playing, go down to the town. It is recommended that you drop by a café because it offers beautiful scenery and the relaxing atmosphere of Sasayama’s nature.

After leaving Sasayama, enjoy a mountain area train trip, again. You’ll get to the next spot UP Kannabe in around 2 hours. This has a popular ski slope course in winter, but special summer activities as well. Summer ski on the grass, paraglide, go in the hot air balloon… take your pick! They have not only outdoor activities, but also camping sites too. There are hotels near UP Kannabe too if you don’t like outside stays. Have a wonderful nature stay on the first trip day.

Kinosaki- From Sunday to Monday

On the second day, let’s go to Kinosaki, one of the most famous onsen towns. People love to go to several onsens here, comparing the atmosphere and scenery. Onsen ryokans are especially popular. If you want to stay at such a type of ryokan, it is highly recommended that you check and book a room in advance.

You’ll see Kinosaki’s foods like Tajima beef and crab meat at the town. Also, it’d be enjoyable to find cool and cute Kinosaki souvenirs.

When you get back to Osaka, get on JR Fukuchiyama line, the same as when you come to Sasayama and Kinosaki.

Where have you been in the September holidays?

Why not share your plan and memory of the September holidays on the comment below!

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