September Holidays Idea for All the Gourmet People in Kansai

Teppan Tonkatsu, 1,296yen

Have you planned this year’s September holidays? Mondays the 17th and 24th are the national holidays this year, so it would be the best timing to have a short trip. This page introduces Nagoya and Ise city for food lovers. If you are a more outdoor kind of person, check another page!

Nagoya- From Friday night to Saturday

Nagoya, one of the biggest cities in Japan, is also a trendy food city. From the Kansai area, Kintetsu railway leads you to Nagoya directly in . If you have enough time, it would be fun to start the trip on Friday night after work. The “Weekend Free Pass” ticket could be the best way to get to Nagoya.

Misokatsu (a cutlet with miso sauce) at Misokatsu Yabaton is our recommended dinner. Also, Hitsumabushi (ひつまぶし, eel menu in the Nagoya style) and Kishimen (きしめん, flat noodle udon) are the famous Nagoya dishes. Have a stroll in the downtown Sakae area and find your best Nagoya food.

* If you are a baseball fan, Nagoya dome holds a night game on September 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

Ise- From Saturday to Monday

After having Nagoya dishes, Saturday is the moving day to Ise. Just get on the Kintetsu railway with the pass ticket!

Our plan says you will visit Ise Jingu Shrine on Sunday morning, so it is recommended to stay near Uji-Yamada station because the station is close to the shrine.

Ise Jingu Shrine is one of the most historical and famous shrines in Japan. If you visit early in the morning, you’ll avoid the crowd and feel the solemn atmosphere.

Then, the next spot is the streets of Okage-Yokocho. Indulge in Ise foods like Ise-udon (伊勢うどん) and Tekone-zushi (てこね寿司) there. Dinner? Absolutely, take the brand beef “Matsusaka-ushi”!

Bring back your memory- Monday

When you go home, the special express “Shimakaze” is a good option. Although it costs more, people like its elegant train trip. As a result, it’s worth trying to book your seat although it is uncertain whether you will win the reservation lot because of its popularity. Of course, your pass ticket is available in case you don’t take the Shimakaze.

You have other recommendations?

Have you already visited this area and have other recommendations? We’re glad to hear your comments below!

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