Hold a Tsukimi Party, which is Only on September! What to Eat, Offer and See


Maybe, you think every year “What is the Tsukimi after all”? It is literally a moon viewing, but it’s not just about that! Hold a Tsukimi party and enjoy the traditional fall event casually!

What do we have for Tsukimi party?

Basically, it is said that we have Tsukimi dango dumplings, and the harvest of fall like sweet potatoes, sweet chestnuts, grapes and Japanese sake. This is because the harvests and people’s lives were closely related to the phases of the moon. People enjoyed watching the moon and appreciated the harvest.

If you don’t like those foods (maybe they don’t sound too mouth-watering), today’s Tsukimi menus are recommended.

Tsukimi udon, udon with an egg is the popular example. You’ll enjoy two moons, the real one and the moon looking egg. Of course, soba is replaced with udon.

Or, if you love junk-foods, the McDonald’s Tsukimi Burger is another Tsukimi seasonal food.

What do we offer for the God?

As mentioned above, the original object of Tsukimi was to appreciate the year’s harvest for the God. What we offer for the God is almost the same as what we have, such as Tsukimi dango dumplings, the harvest fall, and Japanese silver grass.

Actually, it is not necessary to offer those things, but don’t you think the offering raises the atmosphere of the Tsukimi party?

What do we see on the moon?

Japanese people see a rabbit making rice cakes on the moon, but what people see depends on the culture and the place. It is said that people in Europe see a man and Chinese people see a toad. It’s fun to talk about the differences between what you and your friends see on the moon.

Share your Tsukimi party!

September 24th is the main Tsukimi day in 2018. It’s a national holiday! Invite your friends and have a party! Please share your Tsukimi party experiences in the comments below!

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