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Kiritampo Nabe

Nothing is more delicious Japanese dish than Nabe, hot pot recipes in winter. Actually, there are various Nabe recipes in Japan. This page shows 6 Nabe recipes and popular travel spots there. If you haven’t planned where to trip this winter, how about deciding the destination from your favorite Nabe?

  1. Ishikari Nabe (石狩鍋)

This is a Hokkaido’s recipe, whose main ingredient is salmon. Ishikari is a region of Hokkaido. You not only have salmon, but many ingredients are in the Nabe, like cabbage, potato, onion, carrot, Japanese radish, shiitake mushroom… The soup is flavored with mainly with miso, and milk and butter are also added.

What are the Popular spots in Hokkaido?

Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the most well-known and popular events in Japan. There are lots of ski resorts in Hokkaido, thanks to the snowy climate. Consider going to Hokkaido if you like skiing and snowboarding.

  1. Ankou Nabe (あんこう鍋)

Ankou is an angler fish. It is not a common fish for home cuisine, but famous for its unique good taste. Some say angler fish is ocean’s foie gras. In Ankou Nabe, you mainly have fish, vegetables, and tofu, which is flavored with miso or soy sauce. Ibaraki Pref. Is well-known for the main angler fishing ports.

What are the Popular spots in Ibaraki?

Many people love the breathtaking flower scenery of Hitachi Seaside Park. You’ll be able to enjoy seasonal flowers all year round. And if you like natto (!!!), remember that Ibaraki is the main area where natto is produced.

  1. Kiritampo Nabe (きりたんぽ鍋)

Kiritampo is a sliced toasted mashed rice. You boil it with chicken, mushroom, and vegetables like green onion and burdock. The base of the taste is soy sauce. The origin is Akita Pref. In the Tohoku area, some say. Kiritampo is the local way to have rice better because that region is one of the main rice cultivation areas in Japan.

What are the Popular spots in Akita?

The beautiful blue of Tazawa Lake is a popular shooting spot. Yokote Kamakura Museum will be another fun destination if you want to have a unique snow land experience.

  1. Dote Nabe (土手鍋)

This is a Hiroshima’s Nabe recipe. The feature is that miso paste is layered like a berm inside a hot pot. You’ll boil oyster, tofu, and vegetables together. Oysters are mainly produced in Hiroshima, and actually, there are various recipes for oysters’ in Hiroshima from Okonomiyaki to the fried oyster. You can enjoy them all!

What are the Popular spots in Hiroshima?

The fantastic torii gate in Miyajima island is a must-visit spot. You will enjoy a night cruising, playing with deer and oyster foods there. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is also well-visited.

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  1. Tecchiri Nabe (てっちり鍋)

Fugu (blowfish) is the main ingredient in Tecchiri Nabe. You boil it with vegetables and tofu in dashi soup. People who enjoy gourmet food look forward to the fugu season (winter) and visit Yamaguchi pref., the most popular fugu area. However, it contains a very harmful poison in the body, and professional cooking processes are necessary. So please don’t do it by yourself.

What are the Popular spots in Yamaguchi?

Tsunoshima-Ohasi Bridge is one of the best spots to drive when the weather is nice. Another option is Akiyoshido Cave is a calcareous cave rarely seen in Japan.

  1. Botan Nabe (ぼたん鍋)

It is strong miso flavored recipe, which the main ingredients are wild boar meat and vegetables like carrot, burdock, napa, and shiitake mushroom. Mountainous Tanba-Sasayama area in Hyogo Pref. Is well-known for Botan Nabe and wild boar meat.

What are the Popular spots near Tanba-Sasayama?

Takeda Castle is the castle in the sky and is definitely worth visiting. Although it does, it takes a few hours to get to it. Outside activity in the abundant nature is also popular among tourists.

Have you found your favorite?

Have you found a Nabe recipe you want to try? Share your Nabe time or Nabe trip and make a comment below!

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